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Take some stress out of relocating with these top Tips!

Moving house… Even those two words sound daunting. I am sure you will agree with the fact that many British people consider moving home to be one of the most stressful life events that can take place. We too can see the truth in this, but having helped hundreds if not thousands of home-owners and business owners relocate, we have developed an understanding in how you can make the process run much smoother, with less of the headache! Yes, moving house can seem like a chore, but if you nail the steps and tips that we give you here… We promise on the day of the move, your life will be that much easier.


  1. Preparation is KEY!
  • We have found taking the time to prepare everything in the property before you move is vital, we have turned up to a magnitude of properties that just have not been organised prior to us arriving to complete the move. This actually slows things down, not only for you, but for the removal company that you hire. You can never do enough forward planning when moving, so don’t be the person to fall down at the first hurdle. Plan ahead!
  1. The Little Things!
  • In every family home, the small items are usually the things you’ll need straight away once you have arrived in the new home, things like tea, coffee, toothbrushes and other toiletries we feel should be made extremely accessible as we too want a ‘cuppa before the unload! Knowing exactly were the small bits are, really does make things easier so make a specific box or 5 for those items!
  1. Bed Making
  • When we say make the bed fairly soon after moving in, we mean it. After a hard day of moving, when it’s time to climb into bed, the last thing you want to do is make it. The day has been mentally and physically exhausting and we get that. So when you arrive at the final location, please go and make the bed and make sure you are ready to hit the hay when the time comes. You will be thankful you did this. Trust us.
  1. Food, Food, Glorious Food.
  • After the day has ended and your life has been transferred from one place to the next, indulging in take-away and fast foods sounds like heaven, right? WRONG. We have seen that having a home-cooked meal such as a lasagne, which is easily transportable on the day of the move and of course easy to cook, really does give you a great boost in energy and will instantly make you feel more at home. Simple really, take it with you and pop it into the oven at the other end.
  1. Make a ‘House’ a ‘Home’
  • You will find within the first few days of living the new property that it doesn’t quite feel like a home just yet… That is because a lot of people overlook the small parts of the home that have the biggest impact on creating that homely feel. Items like photos, ornaments, trinkets, candles and mirrors can usually be left in boxes for weeks on end and usually when these parts of the home are added, instantly a personal touch is added to your home.



Also, remember to inform whoever it applies to of your address change, after all, how do you expect your friends to send you house-warming gifts?

We hope these tips help you when you move house and remember, do not stress! When you choose us to help you with Cardiff house removals our friendly team make sure you are happy and content throughout the whole process.

Contact us today if you need a removal company you can rely on. We want to help you and make the relocation process as easy as possible.

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