AI and Recommender Systems in a Nutshell

The following is an article that discusses how AI writers will impact the future of content writing.

AI Writers Will Write Your Next Newspaper Column

Machine learning is changing the world and it’s about to change journalism too. A new startup called Wordsmith wants to make it easier for journalists to write. By developing a virtual assistant which helps writers by generating ideas, drafting sentences and writing entire stories, Wordsmith has set out to disrupt the industry.

One of the most popular ways to consume news is through social media platforms. Social platforms are now the primary way people share and consume news, and that’s led to a lot of interesting changes in how people access information.

Some of the key takeaways related to social media and news consumption are:

– Relationship between news consumers and traditional journalists has changed.

– News consumers now want instant gratification, which social media platforms can provide.

– Social media companies like Facebook are trying hard to avoid any confusion related to whether they provide journalism or not.

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